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Facts About Your Growing Baby

Did You Know?

  • 18 days after conception, your baby’s heart starts to beat.
  • 26 days after conception your baby’s lungs, eyes and ears are forming.
  • By day 36, your baby’s eyes develop color in her retinas.
  • By day 40, your baby is making her first reflex movements.
  • On day 42, after you have only just missed your second period, your baby’s brain is developing nerve connections that will lead to her sense of smell.
  • 44 days after conception, your baby has detective brain activity.
  • At just 8 weeks, every organ is present in your baby.
  • At just 9 weeks, your baby’s eyelids can flutter, she can swallow and move her tongue, and she can close her hand into a fist.
  • And at 10 weeks your baby is forming her own unique set of fingerprints.