Birth Parents Seeking Families

For many Hispanic or Latino birth mothers and fathers, placing their child in a home that will celebrate their Hispanic heritage is important. They may dream of their girl having a beautiful Quinceanera celebration. They may hope for the close, extended family ties common in the Hispanic culture.

Many of these birth mothers and fathers contact us with questions about who their child will be placed with. Our coordinators explain that they get to choose the adoptive family. They choose which family has the lifestyle and characteristics they are looking for. We hear from Hispanic birth parents who feel it is important for their child to be raised in a traditional Hispanic home. We assure them that we have very loving, safe Hispanic families hoping to adopt.

If you are a Hispanic couple interested in domestic adoption, our coordinators can help you connect with a Hispanic birth mother that is the right fit for your family. Some birth mothers are looking for minimal contact after the adoption, while some would like updates such as pictures, social media contact, and even visits.

We have many birth parents and adoptive parents who have formed wonderful relationships. One family was delighted when their child’s birth mother was able to join in the festivities of their child’s wedding. There is never too much love for a child.

One thing all birth mothers have in common is they are making a very difficult decision for the love of their child. They are placing their child’s best interest ahead of the pain they must endure to let their child go. We help them find the family they see as having the lifestyle they want their child to be raised in. If they see their child growing up in a close-knit Hispanic family that celebrates their heritage, then we help them find that family.

Current Domestic Hispanic Adoption Situations

Here are some of the available adoption situations we are actively working with, of prospective birth parents seeking adoptive families. This list does not include all of our adoption situations as we receive them frequently and update this page often.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 2 month old Caucasian/Hispanic girl. They live in CO. (#1587)

This birth mother, with the support of the birth father, is beginning to research her options with adoption for her two-month-old daughter. She feels that adoption may be what is best for her child. This birth mother reports no substance abuse during her pregnancy. She just wants a warm, loving home where her daughter can thrive.

This expectant mother's due date is March 2023, and she lives in AZ. The baby’s gender is unknown and the baby's race will be Caucasian/Unknown. (#3506)

This birth mother is looking to give her baby a good home and be helped with housing while pregnant. The birth mom has ADHD, ADD, and a learning disability. She reports smoking cigarettes and denies any other substances. She is seeking a Hispanic family. She is homeless and would need financial help with housing, transportation, and other living expenses. She would like an open adoption with photo updates.

This 25 year old expectant mother's due date is April 2023, and she lives in FL. The baby’s gender is unknown and the baby's race will be African American/Hispanic. (#3507 )

This birth mother is early in pregnancy and considering her options. She has decided adoption may be best because her Fiance is not the child's father. She reports a healthy pregnancy so far. She would need assistance with rent, transportation, phone, and utilities.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 1 month old African American boy. They live in CA. (#2866)

This birth mother would love to find a family that is open to an Open Adoption with pictures and letters through Lifetime. She is also open to any race family though is not interested in meeting them during the transition period. She prefers a family in or near the southern states. She reports having had a healthy pregnancy without complications. She also reports her son to be healthy and thriving. She is not ready to be a parent at a young age.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 2 year old Hispanic African American boy. They live in NV. (#1566)

This birth mother is interested in placing her son with a family financially secure with lots of time to spend with her son. Her son is healthy with some slight speech issues. An open adoption is very important to her and she wants to be sure the family is open to meeting her and her son before she agrees to move forward with the adoption. Also she would like to continue contact after placement with regular updates and a visit once a year. She would prefer the family live in a south eastern state.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 7 month old Caucasian boy. They live in MI. (#1560)

This birth mother is interested in an accepting family of any race. There are some special needs in her family so she wants the family to know this. Her son is healthy at this time though. Contact desired after placement will be an open adoption with regular picture updates, an occasional face time, and a visit once a year.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 6 year old Caucasian/ Hispanic. They live in FL. (#5934)

This Birth Mother wants a better life for her 6 yr old son. She is a single mom and works a lot. Birth father is in prison for 15 years. Birth mom reports being on methadone while pregnant and her child spent 5 days in the NICU. Birth mom says her son is super smart but sometimes acts out at daycare. She would like to find a married couple. She feels her son needs a Mom and Dad.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 3 year old and 2 year old Caucasian girl and boy. They live in TX. (#1519)

This birth mother is interested in placing her daughter and son with a family of any race who are loving and financially secure. She is hoping the family has lot's of time to be able to spend with her children doing fun things like family vacations and sports. Her children are healthy and up to date on their check ups. She would like an open adoption with photo updates regularly and the ability to get together once a year.