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Birth Parents Seeking Families

This expectant mother's due date is March 2023, and she lives in AZ. The baby’s gender is unknown and the baby's race will be Caucasian/Unknown. (#3506)

This birth mother is looking to give her baby a good home and be helped with housing while pregnant. The birth mom has ADHD, ADD, and a learning disability. She reports smoking cigarettes and denies any other substances. She is seeking a Hispanic family. She is homeless and would need financial help with housing, transportation, and other living expenses. She would like an open adoption with photo updates.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 2 year old Hispanic African American boy. They live in NV. (#1566)

This birth mother is interested in placing her son with a family financially secure with lots of time to spend with her son. Her son is healthy with some slight speech issues. An open adoption is very important to her and she wants to be sure the family is open to meeting her and her son before she agrees to move forward with the adoption. Also she would like to continue contact after placement with regular updates and a visit once a year. She would prefer the family live in a south eastern state.

This birth mother is hoping to place her 6 year old Caucasian/ Hispanic. They live in FL. (#5934)

This Birth Mother wants a better life for her 6 yr old son. She is a single mom and works a lot. Birth father is in prison for 15 years. Birth mom reports being on methadone while pregnant and her child spent 5 days in the NICU. Birth mom says her son is super smart but sometimes acts out at daycare. She would like to find a married couple. She feels her son needs a Mom and Dad.