Free Adoption Services

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you need a place to turn to where you can receive all the support, information, and resources you need.

Today, modern adoption allows you to choose what your adoption journey will look like. For example, you will have choices such as who will adopt your baby, will the adoptive parents be at the hospital for the delivery, and what your post-adoption contact will look like.

Our adoption coordinators are always available to share the information you need on adoption and to provide the resources you need.

Our Free Adoption Services for Pregnant Women Include:

  • 24 hour hotline to answer any questions you may have: Call or text 1-800-923-6784.
  • Quality counseling, goal setting, and confidential help with decision-making.
  • Compassionate personalized attention and support, regardless of your decision to make an adoption plan or parent.
  • A nationwide selection of screened and qualified adoptive families who are interested in adopting an infant or older child.
  • The opportunity to choose your baby’s adoptive parents.
  • The option to exchange on-going letters, photos, and to meet the adoptive family.
  • Medical, legal, public aid, and housing referrals.
  • Assistance in avoiding having your child removed from your home by Child Protective Services.
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How Your Baby May Benefit from an Open Adoption:

  • Open adoption can benefit everyone involved in the adoption process, most importantly, the child.
  • Your child can know they were placed with their adoptive family out of love. They can understand where they came from and their adoption story, which gives children more self-confidence.
  • You will know how your child is growing and thriving, and the adoptive parents will know their child’s medical history. They will also be able to share how your child became a part of the family through adoption.

Open Adoption Provides Your Child with Many Benefits, Including:

  • Knowing that he or she was loved enough to want the best for them.
  • Knowledge of why he or she was adopted: because you cared.
  • Opportunity to receive information about his or her biological family.
  • Chance for the adoptive family to be able to share genealogy and medical information with your child.
  • Opportunity for ongoing communication with the adoptive family.