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Featured Family – Nathan and Taña

From time to time, we like to feature Hispanic adoptive families. We’d like you to meet Nathan and Taña, a hopeful adoptive couple living in Wisconsin. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:

Featured Hispanic adoptive couple Nathan and Tana pose indoors for a photo

Our Life

We met about 13 years ago and hae been married for 10 years. We faced infertility for several years, and then decided to become foster parents. We were blessed to see our foster children reunite with their birth mothers, and this led us to see that God was leading us towards adoption.

We are excited to welcome your child into our family and look forward to teaching them our love of outdoors, going camping, cooking home made meals, watching and playing sports and getting together with our families for some spectacular multi-cultural meals!
Featured Hispanic adoptive couple Nathan and Tana taking their dogs for a walk

Meet Taña (by Nathan)

A warm-hearted individual, Taña is always very open-minded, a great listener, and looking out for everyone’s best interest. She is proud of her work as a therapist, makes fantastic meals I always look forward to and loves spending time with our family and friends.

Taña will make a fantastic mom, she is looking forward to reading to our child and teaching them her love of baking and crafts.

Meet Nathan (by Taña)

Nathan always knows how to make people smile and make friends with anyone he meets easily. He loves fishing and boating and can be found on the water, no matter the season!

Although in a an accident when he was young and losing sight in one eye, he has never stopped living his life to the fullest and enjoying nature. He can’t wait to share his love of the outdoors with your child!

Our Family

Featured Hispanic adoptive couple Nathan and Tana pose with family for a photoOur families are near and far, some living close by, some as far away as Puerto Rico, and all are excited about welcoming your child into our lives and home looking forward to passing on traditions, creating new ones, and building many happy memories.

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