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A Letter from Evan & Rachel

Hello! We’re a couple who try to live passionately and with purpose. Being parents to our son has been such a joy for us. In trying to grow our family, we lost our second son at full term during his birth and found out it would be unlikely for us to have another pregnancy. Through everything we’ve been through, our desire to add another child to our family has stayed strong. Adoption has been on our hearts since early in our relationship and we’re excited to be in this process! Family is a huge priority to us, and we would love to embrace a relationship with you throughout your child’s life. We hope to get to know you and the hopes you have for your baby.

Our Story

How we met, as told by Rachel: We met through a Bible study at our church. I noticed how Evan was always making everyone smile and had a very genuine personality. We dated for 2 years and have been happily married for almost 7 years!

Together we enjoy:
• Family meals
• Volunteering at church
• Shopping
• Dates to our favorite local coffee shop
• Game nights
• Cooking
• Playing sports
• Being outside

A Little About Rachel

Evan says: Rachel is a fun, loving, tender-hearted person who loves her family unconditionally. She is a very social person who can talk with anyone and makes others feel valued and known. As a nurse, Rachel has won awards for advocating for her patients to ensure the right medical decision is made. She is very knowledgeable in the medical field and has worked in the ICU, recovery room, and has pediatric care experience. Her nurturing spirit definitely overflows as a mom, as well. Rachel loves caring for our son (he lights up whenever she’s around!). She cares for our family so well and makes us feel special each day. She always plans ahead to make each day fun! We are blessed to have her in our life. Rachel will always do everything possible to be the best mother and advocator for our children.

Rachel likes:
• Cooking and baking
• Planning weekly activities
• Gardening
• Keeping a nice home & DIY projects
• Reading
• Making candles

A Little About Evan

Rachel says: Evan is patient, loyal, and a loving provider for our family. Evan works as an electrical engineer for a government contractor. He has great job security and a good work-life balance that gives him a lot of time for our family. He is kind, gentle, smart and so funny. Evan makes us feel loved and special every day. Evan is known for being level-headed, friendly, and ready to help others. He is always helping out the neighbors by mowing their grass, helping move furniture, or shoveling their snow. He’s a deep thinker and carefully considers his decisions. Evan cares deeply and invests fully in the relationships in his life. All of this makes Evan an amazing dad. He loves teaching and playing with James. Evan is so patient with James and meets James exactly where he is developmentally.

Evan likes:
• Doing just about anything outdoors
• Playing sports
• Home remodeling projects
• Hosting get-togethers
• Playing drums, acoustic guitar, and bass at church

Family Life

Our 4 year old son, James, is very sweet, kind-hearted, and great with younger children. He loves exploring the world around him through books, toys, and hands-on activities. James loves being outside, playing with others, trucks, planes, and music. He will be a great big brother!

As a family we love going to church together, having playdates with neighbors and their kids, going to the park, library events, and visiting local museums and zoos. We also love hosting dinners and events. We love to have a full home and lots of people around our table!

Our Home in Pennsylvania

We live outside of a large city in a suburban community at the top of a cul-de-sac. Most of the families in our neighborhood have small children or babies, so our kids will have lots of little friends to grow up with close by. Our two-story home is in a great location with easy access to the city and anything we need. We have five bedrooms, a finished basement, and a great yard where children love to play. The nursery is all ready and has been decorated in a neutral animal theme for a boy or a girl. We look forward to personalizing it after we know more about the child we’ll be chosen to adopt.

3 things we love about where we live:
• A screened-in back porch where we spend a lot of time when we’re at home.
• Having neighbors who are like family to us! We’re friends with many of our neighbors and enjoy family walks together.
• Our back patio has a firepit where we love to sit around an evening fire and make s’mores.

Our Promise to You

Thank you for learning about us and the life we’d love to share with your child as adoptive parents. We promise your child would always know how loved they are. We are committed to teaching our children the importance of faith, family, and hard work. As parents, we’ll give your child guidance and wisdom to help grow their talents and abilities. We will make sure your child grows up knowing how much you mean to our whole family.

We promise to:
• Be honest and supportive with your child when they have questions about their adoption, and always speak of you with love, honor, and respect.
• Provide the ability to attend college, trade school, or other educational opportunities to help him or her reach for their dreams.
• Teach practical life skills and independence.
• Model how to treat others with dignity and respect, and how to live with integrity and character.
• Always encourage your child.
• Honor our commitment to open adoption, sharing updates or annual visits with you as your child grows up, if you’d like that.

We’d love to connect and get to know you! Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Evan & Rachel

  Evan Rachel
Our EducationBachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering TechnologyBachelors of Science in Nursing
Our ProfessionsElectrical Engineer Stay-at-Home Mom & Registered Nurse (works about 2 days a month)
Our Racial BackgroundHispanicCaucasian
Some of Evan & Rachel's Favorites
Vacation PlaceOcean Cay, BahamasNorth Myrtle Beach
Childhood MemoryNews Year's Eve family celebration and game night: We always ordered our favorite foods and spent the evening playing games and having fun!Going to Myrtle Beach every summer: It was always a slow time to just be together as a family, laughing, and enjoying each other.
Thing to do at HomePlay board games or entertain friends & familyPlay games with family or read books together
HolidayChristmasFourth of July (and Christmas!)
Books as a KidChronicles of NarniaBeatrix Potter's series
Sport to PlayBasketball & PickleballBasketball
More About Our Family
What Matters Most to Us

Our family is a huge part of our lives; we spend most evenings and weekends with our parents and siblings. It’s important for us to nurture friendships and family connections. We also value faith, courage to do the right thing, and determination to keep trying through any challenge. At church, we both enjoy volunteering and staying involved in the community. Evan plays bass and drums on the worship team, serves as an elder, helps with the kids’ ministry, and leads a neighborhood Bible study group. Rachel leads a small group for mothers at our church and coordinates the play dates for the mothers’ ministry.

Fun Facts About Us

• Evan’s first job was babysitting and he is very good with children.
• When Evan was little, he wanted to be an electrician (then in high school a teacher encouraged him to pursue engineering!).
• Rachel loves organizing and helping others get organized.
• When Rachel was little, she wanted to be a nurse and a mom (achieved!). She's always loved caring for other people.

Our Loved Ones

We come from smaller families and we’re very close with our parents and siblings. Almost everyone lives within an hour of us, so we spend a lot of time together! Some of our family attends church with us too. We have 4 nieces and nephews and it’s so fun when the cousins are all together. Our god-son lives across the street, and we also have close friends within walking distance. We have a great community of friends and family who are there for us. Everyone is excited to welcome the child we adopt!

Favorite Family Traditions

• Game nights and family dinners
• Helping with projects at each other’s homes
• Watching sports together
• Evan’s brothers smoked meats and homecooked dishes for family holidays
• Christmas Eve when Rachel’s mom prepares their family’s Italian tradition of Feast of the Seven Fishes
• Beach trips with Rachel’s parents and sister

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child





Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 years old

In Closing

We'd love to get to know you or answer any questions as you think about what you want for your baby's future. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents! If you choose us to raise your child, we want you to know that you would always hold a special place in our hearts and story. We will honor an open adoption if you want an ongoing connection. When you're ready, just ask Lifetime about us. Hope to hear from you!

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