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FAQs About Adoption Expenses

pregnant woman with adoption expenses questions calling on her phoneAmy called our adoption coordinator one day with a lot of questions about getting money if she placed her baby for adoption. She had some great questions that a lot of women thinking about adoption have so we want to share some answers to the most frequently asked questions about receiving financial assistance when choosing adoption.

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Adoption Expenses

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    How much money can I get for putting my baby up for adoption?

    You cannot be paid for putting your baby up for adoption. The fact is it is illegal to take money in exchange for your baby. However, in some states, it is possible to receive help with pregnancy-related expenses during your pregnancy and sometimes up to a month after you give birth. This is regulated on a state-by-state basis.

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    Can adoption agencies or adoptive families pay me directly for any expenses I ask for?

    Every state has adoption laws regarding birth mothers’ payments. In general, payments for housing, utilities, and other bills are made directly to the landlord or company. There may be some living expenses paid directly to the birth mother but this is generally regulated by an adoption lawyer, adoption professional, or social worker.

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    How much financial assistance can I get if I am placing my baby for adoption?

    The amount of assistance you can receive varies from state to state. Some states may only allow the court and medical-related costs, while others allow for living expenses.

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    My baby is six months old and I want to place him for adoption. Can I get money to place him?

    No, you cannot receive money for placing a child who is already born. Placing your child for adoption will not cost you anything, as all legal expenses will be paid, but you cannot receive money.

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    What happens if I change my mind when I give birth and decide to parent? Do I have to repay the money I received?

    Again, this depends on the state you live in. Most states except Idaho and Puerto Rico do not require you to repay the money. Check online or with an adoption professional to understand the laws in your state. It is very important to really take the time to consider adoption before committing to a family. Consider counseling if you are feeling unsure of your decision.

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    If I need counseling, do I have to pay for that?

    When choosing an adoption professional to help you with your adoption, be sure to choose one that offers free counseling during your pregnancy as well as after the adoption is final. You may find professional counseling helpful or peer counseling, where you can speak with a birth mother who knows what you are going through. You should feel you are receiving the best support possible.